Canadian Truckers Support Victims of Spring Flooding

It is devastating to hear of all of the flooding that is happening around us. The Canadian Trucking Industry is getting involved by distributing blankets, first aid kits, clean up kits, cots and hygiene supplies to those affected by the flooding.

Full article HERE (OTA)

Wills Transfer is getting involved by offering short-term warehouse space for the Canadian Red Cross in terms of emergency relief for flood victims.

So far, the Ottawa Wills warehouse has accepted (with more to come):

  • 11 pallets of clean-up kits
  • 1 pallet of comfort kits and teddy bears
  • 6 pallets of water

It’s wonderful to see so many people and companies coming together to help out in times of crisis.

Wills Warehouse


















Wills forklift driver moving a pallet of Canadian Red Cross clean up kits

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