Superior Service, Adaptability and Being on the Forefront of Transport Trends Are Keys to Wills Transfer’s Success

Please read this article for an excellent outline of Wills Transfer and the changes the company has had to make over the years since it started business in 1945.

Thank you to our customers who really shape the Values of Wills Transfer: People matter, do the right thing, commitment to excellence. “I think even more than our adaptability is that we have always had our customers as our core focus. Even in the days when we were doing the household moving, it was all about the customers and that has never changed. Our purpose is that we provide innovative logistics solutions to contribute to our customers’ success; which means that we’ve got to make it work for our customers or we’re not going to stay in business,” Colin Goodfellow (Business Development Manager).

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(Staff at the Wills Brockville branch)


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