Health and Safety

Safety Inspections – hamburgers – being stranded on a life boat

“Safety Inspections – hamburgers – being stranded on a life boat” What do you think of when you hear these three things? Does a Health and Safety Committee meeting come to mind? It was for Wills Transfer! Every month, the Health and Safety Committee of Wills Transfer meets via teleconference to discuss monthly safety inspections, […]

Warehouse Inspections

Wills Transfer Limited has a Workplace Health and Safety Committee which consists of Employer and Employee representatives of the company. Each month, members of the committee complete a warehouse inspection following a set list of things to check. Items include Exit lights/Emergency lights/Defibrillator/Fire pull stations/Fire extinguishers/Eye wash stations are clear and functioning, MSDS available, products […]

The Safety Triangle Explained – IES

At Wills Transfer, our Health/Safety/Environment Coordinator provides safety content for twice weekly Tool Box talks for all Wills teams at each branch location (Smiths Falls, Perth, Ottawa, Brockville). This Tool Box talk can be used for any working environment in any capacity. The Triangle visual explains that “major injuries are rare events and that many […]

Health and Safety at Wills Transfer

Wills Transfer Limited has a Health and Safety and Environment Coordinator; Derek Van Der Kloet. Derek has been in this role since January of 2016. He has been a huge asset to the company as he brings forward his extensive knowledge of workplace safety. He is a Co-Chair of the Health and Safety Committee, tracks […]