Welcome Aboard ‘SANCHECK’ to Wills Transfer Perth

SANCHECK, CLEAN MADE EASY has expanded their Perth, Ontario footprint and range of cleaning supplies by partnering with Wills Transfer Perth. The move to expand will allow them to distribute products to all of Canada and replenish stock from other locations.

SANCHECK’s Goal is to ‘Provide Easy Access to Quality Sanitation Products’ and is run by a ‘Team of Hard Working Canadians.’

They carry a range of sanitation, cleaning, paper & COVID-19 products as well as Sanitation Quick Kits which are multi pack of specific supplies.

Wills Transfer Perth, says ‘Welcome Aboard SANCHECK’Sancheck_LogoHorizontal_RGB_592cb093-3dc7-49d0-9194-70634a0dae8d_676x250



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